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Multisport culture for youth empowerment

January 2020 /// June 2021

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Online activity during pandemic

Tested multisport models

Local activities


This pilot «Innovative & intensive MultiSport course» may become and “extra” course for all the Associations/Sport Clubs which organize SummerCamps. “Extra” means that can be one activity, not included into the family fee, that parents can choose for their children.

This Multisport Course can also be a new tool for the Sport Centers to diversify their ordinary activity during the sport season.

In fact, many parents expressed their positive feedback for this activity and asked us to continue it during the “regular” year (from September to June).

This pilot «Innovative & intensive MultiSport course» can also become a promotional activity for the Sport Federation. They might be interested in providing sport instructors for free during the Summer Camps to deliver their discipline, letting the children know and appreciate sport. This can be an opportunity to promote the activity of Sport Clubs close by.

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These are the positive aspects of it:

  • Create the structure of sport introduction activities followed by workshops;
  • Less hours allowing involvement of more kids in “introduction activity”;
  • Combination of non-formal education and known sports and introduction and practice of marginal sports;
  • Added value for different areas of the schools;
  • Long-term implementation with different adjustments according to the local reality (community – village, school, class, camp, etc.);
  • Many possible networking activities and connections of activities and events which might promote the “multisport culture” in general;
  • High interest and motivation of the community, among kids and also among schools.

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This activity brough an innovative approach to the camps in both editions:

  • Multisport – to plan and implement activity covering the broad spectrum of the sport and focus on the participants’ competence;
  • Thematical with multisport activities – to balance the thematical activity with multisport, to balance educational and creative activities with the outdoor and indoor physical activity.

Both types of camps aimed at adopting sport as a joyful routine in their life and free time. The successful aspects of this activity are:

  • Fusion of non-formal educational activities with different sports;
  • Added value brought by a youth worker with a specialisation in some sports;
  • Diversity of sports;
  • Rich spectrum of sports;
  • Acquisition of different competences;
  • Synchronized team (a combination of different expertise and practical experience);
  • Experience of non-formal educational camps;
  • Non-formal education as a objective in the multisport approach

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The main aspects considered as a base for the “Multisport walks” were: outdoor, large space, non-contact or individual contact, innovative activities, tasks accomplishment to be awarded, youth focus or kids with parents focus to support the awareness of the project.

The main impulse given to the activity was innovation and need orientation. Each walk had a different content and tackled a different sport area and competence.

The successful aspects of this activity are: 

  •  Diverse approaches;
  • Partnership with coaches, clubs;
  • Diversity of sports;
  • Experienced team;
  • Motivation of the team;
  • Timing/implementation of the walks in a safe manner;
  • Enabling the sport within the walk;
  • Sport practice combined with knowledge and skills development;
  • Sport as non-formal education tool;
  • Multisport culture in the daily life;

Opportunities for follow-up – workshop, event (opportunity to explore the sport more, follow the personal interest and not necessarily as a regular sport activity or joining the specific sport club).

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The activities were developed within the premises of the educational center, in the park or on a local sportsground between the 13th of July until the 30th of July, for 12 days. In each of these days, 4 hours of activities were planned and developed with a middle break. So, in total, 48 hours of sportive activities were organized for 29 children/teenagers. 

The success factors of this Multisport program were the following:

  • The preparation and the plan of activities developed together with the educators from the educational center (who knew the participants beforehand and worked with them and could provide valuable information on the approach of work with them);
  • The methodological approach used that engaged the participants in a fun, easy and entertaining way;
  • The organization of activities in groups/teams that helped the participants to feel more integrated;
  • The various location of the activities, changing the environment was a plus for the participants who most of the times spend their time within the educational center;
  • The possibility to use the equipment, supplies, materials and resources within the center;
  • The Sports Instructor, which facilitated all the activities, thus giving the children the opportunity to get familiar with her, to develop an atmosphere of trust and friendliness;
  • Periodic feedback sessions organized with the educators from the center, incorporating suggestions and ideas for the benefit of the kids.


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  • To give children the opportunity to spend their non-teaching time practising different sports in a playful and pedagogical way;
  • To try to help reconcile family life with work.

With our project we took advantage of the leisure and the free time in an EDUCATIONAL, FUN and HEALTHY way. We seeked the integral formation of the person, promoting a series of social, educational and personal values.

We, thus, offered the Multisport Campus where children practiced and learned about all kinds of sports or the football campus which aimed at all those who are passionate about this sport.

The Campus was aimed at all boys and girls aged between 4 to 12 years old.

It was based on a 4 hours activity, every day (from Monday to Friday) for 5 weeks.

The achievements we have had through the multisport campus have been the great welcoming and support received from the parents and above all from the community, who have given us their support in this adventure.

We have also been very lucky with the group of sports monitors/educators that we have had during the 5 weeks, as they have blended in a very effective way, and because we had many children, we have had to rotate the sports to not have to saturate the material

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