Multisport walks

A multisport activity entitled “Multisport walks”.
The idea of such a multisport activity came during the lockdown and restrictions of Covid-19 pandemic and represents a support sport activity while schools are closed or when PE or other sport activities cannot be organized in schools.

The “Multisport walks” can be organized outdoors, in large spaces, with non-contact or individual contact, and be based on innovative activities, tasks accomplishment can be awarded, and can be focused on youth or kids with parents in order to raise the awareness of the project.

Each walk can have a different content and tackle a different sport area and competence.

Period: throughout the year
Hours: 40
Participants: no limit
Sports considered: jumping rope, wu-shu, archery, basketball, floorball, ice-hockey, sport gymnastics, dance, parkour, workout, football, skateboard.

Success or innovation factors

  • Diverse approaches;
  • Partnership with coaches, clubs;
  • Diversity of sports;
  • Experienced team;
  • Motivation of the team;
  • Timing/implementation of the walks in a safe manner;
  • Enabling the sport within the walk;
  • Sport practice combined with knowledge and skills development;
  • Sport as non-formal education tool;
  • Multisport culture in the daily life;
  • Opportunities for follow-up – workshop, event (opportunity to explore the sport more, follow the personal interest and not necessarily as a regular sport activity or joining the specific sport club).

Methodological approach

Methodology is based on the following key elements: move – walk, search – find, explore, learn, practice.

Potential risks

  • Information about the event – to reach all potential participants;
  • Space – to place the tasks, info, etc. for some time + need to check if all is available.

Replicability / Opportunity for future use

  • Use of other techniques;
  • Link to different topics to attract or implement different activities;
  • Inclusion of the activity in the PE curricula and other events;
  • Cooperation with organisations, clubs, etc.


  • Brainstorming;
  • Development of the idea;
  • Preparation of tasks, communication with the team , partners;
  • Placing the tasks;
  • Activity information, dissemination on social media;
  • Evaluation plan;
  • Conclusions and follow-up plan.

Human resources (qualification/skills)

Sport Coaches/Youth Workers


Venue – area, division in the space, safe placing

Materials and equipment

Printing, lamination, tools to fix the labels, info

Recruiting of participants

The activity is open, with a suggested age category of participants.

Administrative / Bureaucracy

Permission to place the labels and using the space according to the local rules.

Communication with participants

  • Online promo – invitation, info, examples;
  • After the activity – face-to-face contact;
  • Conclusion and summaries online.

Communication with stakeholders and media

The stakeholders that can be involved are:

  • PE Teachers;
  • Local authorities;
  • Schools – to inform the pupils;
  • Sport coaches and clubs.


  • Feedback online, face-to-face after the walk;
  • Evaluation of the team;
  • Feedback from schools;
  • General evaluation of the whole project as innovative method.

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